How to get to Capones Island

How to get to Capones Island

Via Bus
Ride Victory Liner bus bound for Iba or Sta. Cruz, Zambales
Go down at San Antonio Proper
Ride tricycle to Barangay Pundaquit. Trike fare cost P80
At Barangay Pundaquit there are several boatmen who are willing to transfer you to Capones Island

Self Drive
Take NLEX and exit at SCTEX
From SCTEX exit at Subic
Subic exit at Kalaklan Gate
Follow the highway the going to San Antonio, Zambales
There are paid parking lot where you can leave your car or van
At Barangay Pundaquit there are several boatmen who are willing to transfer you to Capones Island

Capones Lighthouse Window

Capones magnificent view from the Lighthouse's window. The climb to the Capones Lighthouse was done in stages that had their own characteristic.  Stage One was walking across a bed of precarious rocks and like an omen just before we crossed over to the next stage, there was an abundant sea of slippers, sandals and shoes all with one pair missing strewn across the rocks.  Stage Two was finding a trail that led to the cemented stairs up the steep mountain.  The missing trail was probably a cemented sort of driveway once but over time, it could have fallen prey to landslides and falling rocks.  Stage Three was the cemented stairs and it was probably the easiest one to finish.  Stage Four was finding the trail that led to the small forest that hid the lighthouse from view.  We were already on top of the mountain and we could see the islands of Zambales and the blue sea and it was simply magnificent.  The strong wind blowing provided relief from the heat of the sun behind us and soon we completed this stage.  Stage Five was the final stage before the lighthouse.  If we had gone up at night time.

A canopy of trees greeted us just before the high rusty gates of the lighthouse. We stopped, entranced by the sight of a Spanish style plaza with overgrown plants entwining themselves around the stone bases and iron gates.  It looked like it had been abandoned.  I was under the impression that lighthouses were still in use and thus, maintained if not restored to its former glory.

Capones Beach

We got to the white sand of Capones Island behind a huge rock near the shore.  The whole island seemed to be made of piles and piles of boulders of sand and the water, steadily rising to meet the high tide, was as relentless as the sun.